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david HAYES


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Herbalife Sponsorships

Herbalife Sponsorships

Herbalife proudly sponsors more than 250 world-class athletes, teams and events around the globe.

Herbalife Sponsored Athletes


Herbalife sponsors professional athletes who reflect the Herbalife commitment to excellence and leading a healthy and active life. Our sponsored athletes use Herbalife® products to help them excel in their discipline. For these athletes, performance nutrition is a necessity, and Herbalife is proud to be a part of their success.

Herbalife Sponsored Teams


As the Official Nutrition Company of many championship teams around the world, Herbalife offers superior nutrition to keep players performing at their peak. The nutrition benefits in Herbalife® products are designed to provide energy, support sustained endurance, focus and speedy recovery.

Herbalife Sponsored Events

Sporting Events

We actively sponsor, support and participate in a wide range of sporting events around the world. From world-renowned triathlons and cycling tours to regional boat races and sports tournaments, Herbalife takes pride in contributing to events that promote leading a healthy active lifestyle.