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    If you are one of those people who reaches for a fizzy drink or sugary treat to get through the afternoon, try taking Liftoff instead and feel the difference. A unique effervescent drink formulated to help you stay on top of your day

    Key Benefits

    • Contains less than 10 calories per individual sachet

    • Convenient, pocket-size sachets ideal for when you are on the go.

    • No refined sugars (sucrose or glucose)

    • Provides an instant kick when needed - fun, fizzy and works fast

    • Available in two exciting flavours – Ignite-Me Orange and Lemon-Lime Blast.


    The exclusive blend of ingredients helps to give you the boost you need for body and mind without increasing your calorie or fat intake. Each sachet contains 75mg of caffeine, derived from Guarana and caffeine powder. The convenient pocket-size sachets allow you to take Liftoff™ with you to use anytime and anywhere when you feel like your engine is running on empty.
    Pour one sachet into 250ml of water.

    *Contains caffeine. Green tea is known for it’s natural antioxidant properties.

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    2871 Lemon-Lime Blast Box 10 x 4.5g sachets
    2872 Ignite-Me Orange Box 10 x 4.5g sachets
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