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    Core Complex with CoQ10 Plus


    Targets the key indicators of heart health: cholesterol, triglycerides and oxidative stress.

    Not available in Quebec Province (which includes Montreal) for shipping or pick-up.

    Key Benefits

    • Maintains healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels already within a normal range
    • Provides antioxidant protection
    • Contains B Vitamins that help the body to metabolize carbohydrates, fats and proteins
    • Helps reduce LDL ("bad") cholesterol

    Core Complex with CoQ10 Plus

    Each packette contains 2 brown softgels of plant sterols and B Vitamins; 1 CoQ10 Plus softgel; 1 burgundy Tri-Shield® softgel with 100% pure Neptune Krill Oil (NKO®*); and 2 gold Herbalifeline® fish oil softgels with omega-3 fatty acids.

    *NKO® is a registered trademark of Neptune Technologies & Bioressources, Inc.
    Take 1 packette per day with a meal and set aside 1 brown plant sterols softgel for consumption with a later meal.
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