Shake Recipes

  • Apple Pie Shake

    Apple Pie Shake

    Heart-healthy cinnamon makes this shake extraordinary!

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  • Orange Julius Shake

    Orange Julius Shake

    Vitamin C from the orange juice helps support healthy skin.

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  • Very Berry Shake

    Very Berry Shake

    A tangy berry blend, rich in colorful phytonutrients and flavor!

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  • Peach Almond Shake

    Peach Almond Shake

    A golden blend of flavor and spice.

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  • Café Mocha Shake

    Café Mocha Shake

    A caffeine and chocolate boost with the power of protein.

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  • Banana Bread Shake

    Banana Bread Shake

    Don't slice this dessert treat, slurp it.

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  • Blueberry Cranberry Shake

    Blueberry Cranberry Shake

    A health sensation, packed with the goodness of blueberries and cranberries.

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  • Chai Latte Shake

    Chai Latte Shake

    Kick-start your morning with a little chai energy.

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  • Strawberry Parfait

    Strawberry Parfait

    Enjoy your shake as a delicious spoon-able dessert!

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  • Orange Mango Shake

    Orange Mango Shake

    A creamy smoothie with the exotic taste of mango.

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