Success Stories

  • Karen L.

    Karen L.

    “Before Herbalife, I was unhappy and used food as comfort. My mother began attending a Nutrition Club, but I was too closed-minded, until I finally went. The first couple of weeks I used Mango Herbal Aloe, Herbal Tea Concentrate, and Formula 1 Healthy Meal Nutritional Shake Mix with Personalized Protein Powder. I began eating smaller meals and exercising. I incorporated more whole foods as well as organic foods. Physically, I feel absolutely incredible. I love being able to purchase the clothes I like and not only the ones that fit me. Mentally I have grown and feel much more confident. I have learned to truly love myself and those around me.”

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  • Edward V.

    Edward V.

    "I began using Herbalife® products when I started to get involved in sports. At that time, I weighed 120 pounds. I started using the Core Products (Formulas 1, 2 and 3) and Herbalife24, along with a healthy, active lifestyle. I gained weight and lost body fat at the same time. Now I weigh 145 pounds. I stay consistent with the Herbalife® products and a daily gym regimen. Lifting weights is a passion for me now. It allows me to push through barriers and conquer new goals every single day. For those starting off, my advice would be to never let obstacles detain you.”

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  • Jim M.

    Jim M.

    "I owned a drywall company, worked very long hours and had no time for another business, but I tried Herbal Tea Concentrate and N-R-G tea with caffeine, and I loved the gentle boost of energy.** I met (my wife) Lisa at my first Herbalife Extravaganza. She used Herbalife® products to support her active lifestyle. We moved from Philadelphia to San Diego and stuck with the products that support our healthy, active lifestyles and we feel energetic enough to pursue them. I just turned 50 and have never felt this much energy. It comes in handy with our three beautiful daughters. One is eight and our toddler twins just turned two!”

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  • Liliana P.

    Liliana P.

    “I weigh 138 lbs. and I’m a size 3. By combining the core products, enhancers, snacks and Herbalife24® with a balanced diet and daily exercise, I achieved a lifestyle that allows me to enjoy good nutrition and fitness. I would advise other people to have a clear goal and to take it step by step until they reach it.” “I was tired and frustrated because I had tried many diets with no results, but my main motivation was to achieve nutritional balance and strength. My husband’s results inspired me to start using Formula 1 and other core products. I had some challenges at first, but I was able to do it by implementing more products and attending trainings to help me be consistent with my fitness and wellness goals.”

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  • Morayama C.

    Morayama C.

    “Once I achieved my ideal weight, I focused on increasing my muscle mass and endurance, so I increased my exercise and added Herbalife24® products to my daily regimen. Now my goal is to participate in an endurance run and a fitness bikini competition.”

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  • Billy M.

    Billy M.

    “My ‘lighter me’ has allowed me to live a more active lifestyle. I am doing things I never dreamed I could, such as participating in the LA Triathlon at Torrance Beach. Mentally, I feel like I have given myself more time to enjoy and experience life.”

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  • Aaron A.

    Aaron A.

    "Before, I was a single father going to college, always stressed out, tired, and gaining a lot of weight. After taking the Herbalife® products, I had the energy to play with my son and balance everything in my life better, including my eating habits. I graduated from college, I’ve run 12 5Ks, and I am now training to do a full marathon; the Duke City Marathon in Albuquerque. With the products, and my improved exercise and eating habits, I lost 92 pounds and then gained 24 pounds of muscle mass.”

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  • Donna and Jeff Langton

    Donna and Jeff Langton

    Donna and Jeff Langton ran a successful construction business, but they had low energy and were overweight. After combining Herbalife® products with a balanced diet and exercise, each lost 30 pounds while feeling more energetic.* This inspired them to kick off their Herbalife business and today they run their own Nutrition Club while living healthy lives. Their advice to other Members is, “Fall in love with the products, use them to get your best results and share them with others.”†

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  • Paymi Romero

    Paymi Romero

    Paymi Romero was a hostess who worked long hours and she missed many important moments with her two daughters. After her cousin introduced her to the Herbalife® products, Paymi decided to become an Independent Herbalife Member and worked hard to build her business. “I’m another person – body, mind and spirit. What satisfies me the most are the relationships I’ve created with my team members.”*

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  • Qiao Ling Chen (Karen)

    Qiao Ling Chen (Karen)

    Qiao Ling Chen (Karen) worked as a brand manager in Panama but she wanted to have her own business. Friends introduced her to the Herbalife business opportunity and eventually she developed her business through direct contact, referrals, Weight Loss Challenges and social media. Her greatest satisfaction is that she can work on her business while also taking care of her child. “Focus and be passionate” Karen advises, “That’s the key to my success!”*

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